The basic operating principles behind James Walker cartridge systems are applicable across a wide range of industries and processes, this is achieved by design and material modifications to accommodate differing pressures, media and speeds of the process equipment involved. From large diameter, finely balanced, high speed shafts to the slow rotating, high impact shaft movements of a rock-crusher, James Walker has the experience and expertise to engineer solutions for virtually every application.

Paper and Board

Paper and Board

James Walker KlickFix offers an effective alternative to the traditional options of compression packing or mechanical seals. With up to six sealing elements that can be sequentially deployed, KlickFix provides extended, predictable sealing life with none of the continual adjustments required of packing or the risk of catastrophic failure without warning, as can experienced with mechanical seals.


Odour abatement pumps are critical to the continued smooth running of many plants, not just in the pharmaceutical industry, with operations having to be shut down if leakage into the environment occurs. For these pumps therefore, reliability, a predictable long life with no sudden failure plus the ability to simply and quickly replace seals at the end of life are key requirements for any sealing solution.